Monday, March 25, 2013


The Pentitudes

Death is my retirement.

There is a last love,
 but the loving last forever.

It’s not what people say
 it is what they don't say
that matters.

You can't expect to cast a rock into a shallow pool
and have it sink a fathom.

 Everything does not depend on another than you.

 It’s not what you understand
 but it is what you understand
after you understand it all.

One thing is for sure,
the hand feeds the mouth
& wipes the ass,
other than that it is what it is.

 Pregnant woman eat much because they are feeding two,
Children eat much because they are growing,
Adults eat much because they are more in love with food
than in love with looking good in the mirror

 Eating is an art and a science not a sport, it is a privilege to eat.

If it is easy to like to eat then it is probably poison.

 Missing someone is not a crime,
          punishing yourself for it is.

We don’t get over the loss of them who we knew,
we survive in our lives by celebrating the good,
the good in them that we did know

Look For The Good.

If you look for the good in people you will usually find it,
and if you look for the bad in people you will usually find it,
 it is easy to see the bad, so you need to look for the good.

If you think being told what you want to hear
is being informed, you have been deceived
 believing that being entertained is learning the truth.

 How can you have an intelligent opinion
 of something of which you have a limited knowledge.

Love is a weapon in which we measure our hate.

 You know things in your life have changed
 when the smallest pair of pants
 you can find that you own
 you can slip on without unbuttoning
 or unzipping them
 with 3 inches to spare.

Someone asked me the question;
“What have I learned?”
But I could not answer
Because I did not understand
What had happened to me
I had lost all concept of who I am.
Thought it took a year,
To understand,
Now I have an answer to the question;
“There is a limit to everything.”

To have the toe nail ripped off my big right toe
To find out what is true in me,
I would have revealed anything,
lie or truth I knew,
If the inquiring moved on
To the other

Is it only women who can be beautiful?
 It is not law or a concept that a man must not be beautiful.

 It is a privilege to have a thought that is your own.


Maharishi Déjà Vu