Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tachyon Mind

Chāo guāngsù lìzǐ Tóunǎo

Tachyon Mind 

What a blessing
That youth
Does so little understand

A few more passes around the sun
Then no one will remember
Our names

The jesters
The food

Keeping your mind

The heroes
The wealthy
The powerful

We all succumb
To this disease
This plague


The good and the bad
In this life

Though we may love
That which we love
In time
Will leave us pain

How fortunate
The simple
Those who do not understand

How fortunate
Those who do not think
Or care

About anything

So easily entertained

That they
Don't have to understand

This life
This time

Like I see

Faster than the speed of life
Tachyon Mind

The power men seek
To leave this place
To travel the universe
Is already inside
Us all

What holds us here
Is this body
This life
This time

Either your make it matter
Or it won’t matter at all

Baked down to the dust
In the light of the sun

Or we choose to believe

I’ve danced
With the fireflies
Late in the night
In the slow summer rain

In the mist
We float
We danced

To be one of them
As I am

So now
Each time
I blink my eyes

I can see
The light in who
I am

I am Firefly

I Am Firefly
Every time I blink
My eyes

My body
A lightning rod

Toe to finger
Head through spine

The life
The energy of the universe
Passing through me

My life

Held here in this
This mortality

I choose to believe
When it’s shed

To be free

I am butterfly

Faster than the speed of light
Tachyon Mind

This speed of thought 
Opening a Tachyon Vortex
It is the door

The Universe
The light
That travels
Through it is a network
That men have yet to understand

Its energy
Far exceeds
It’s light

It can be traveled
Like a highway
If you understand its power

At the speed of mind

If you could understand
What I see

Stars are the arteries of the universe


Are the blood

To feel
The love

The light

You blink

Faster the speed of light

This life
We fly

Tai Chi Dao Dan Ai

Tachyon Mind

Añjali Mudrā

Maharishi Déjà Vu