Sunday, June 17, 2018

Conversations With Ulysses

Yóu lì xī sī  de  jiāotán

Conversations With Ulysses
 The Pentitudes V
(Wizard School)

There are 2 types of intelligence
There are people who can remember
and are very good at a certain subject 
like math or science
Some of them become very 
Successful financially in life
Then there are people with 
They are gracious and sensible
If is person is not gracious and sensible
They do not have wisdom
Though they may be rich or powerful
A person without wisdom
Is dangerous
A person with wisdom
Through graciousness and sensibility
Makes the best of every situation
In the spirit of love



There are people
Who are upset
Because their life is not 
The life that they wanted

No one gets the life they wanted

They get the life that they have
A life that they can do something with
A life that they can make into 
The best life it can be

To choose to be happy
Instead of being upset

To not waste the time
Feeling bad about things

To make it a point
To make the most of 
The time
Your time

To enjoy
The gift of your time
In this life

To make the choice
To see the good
To feel good
About your life

Life is the way it is

Only you
Can choose

Weather you feel 
About it

I choose 
To see the good 
In the life 
I have

I choose 
To feel good
About it

When I was a boy 
And something went wrong
If I came home pouting
My Irish mother would say to me
 “Go to your room
And when you get over your pity party
And feeling sorry for yourself
Come back down 
And will talk about
How to fix it 
But I am not going to
 Your feeling sorry
For yourself.”

Life is a game
Like a computer game

The computer game you play in your mind
The game of life you play out in the world
It is the real game

Like a computer game
There are tools and powers
That you can get in your life 
So you can use them later in the game

Some are only available once
Some are more difficult to get
As the game goes on

Education is a tool
It will help you compete
In the game
It can add value to you as a person

The better you do 
The better your grades
The greater your chances
At playing the game
Of life

Life is like a computer game
You don't want to get stuck 
Like in one of those levels
In some little room
Where there is no way out

Getting stuck in one place
Puts a stop to the game
Getting stuck in a computer game
In your mind is the same

The more parts of your brain your use
Bilingual or Trilingual language ability
Playing ambidextrous piano music
Are tools 
They give you and oppurtunity
To increse the power of your mind

That you can use 
To add to your
Ability to compete

In the game of life

In the world
With your mind

You can believe whatever you like in life

Some people belive in something
Some people believe in nothing

I was young and now I am old
I have never seen a man who was old
Who blieved in nothing
Who was happy

They are just waiting for the 
Fly swatter of life to smack them dead

I chose to belive in something 
It gives me great peace

Making the moments in a lifetime count

Manage your time as you see fit and 
you will see the dividends from it

Think of life like a puzzle
You start with the corners
Then build the sides
Frame it
Fill in the easy pieces
The Faces
The Figures
The Landscape
The Puzzle
Gets easier
To do the difficult things

To finish them

The ability to compromise
(the ability to make the best of any situatation no matter what you are given to work with)


These things are found
in the most successful
of men


Is a Game
A Gift

Balanced between


Time Exists 


Light defines
The tree of the universe
It exists because of energy
We exist because of energy

are influenced by

The Gift
Of  Life

Coded in your DNA
It is like a puzzle

You can influence it


The Game
Of Life

Is based on Rules


Añjali Mudrā
Maharishi Déjà Vu


Photo "God's Seal" 
TAO DAN Meditations
Maharishi Déjà Vu © Sicilian Family Productions

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Wizards’ Rules

Qícái Guīzé

The Wizards’ Rules

The Pentitudes IV

All good people is Hollywood in their mind

Find a good thing to think about 
and you will find many more that follow it 

To Balance
What one can get away with
With what one must do
Is Qi

Love breathes Life into our hearts
and brings Grace to our movement

Sometimes a life gets so complicated
To think at all
Would promote Chaos

A good day is loving your life
A bad day is hating your life
The difference is owning your life 

A Smile Is 
A divine moment of truth

Know Thy Self
Life is full of fools 
Without hope
To see who they are

Learn to make
The necessary adjustments

If you want something done
Give it to a busy man

Sneaky listeners never
Hear good about themselves

When you leave on a good note
Then you did it right

If you’re not 
You’re not having

Today I am trying to behave myself
 it’s my first time

To succeed against 
Overwhelming odds
One must have 
The momentum
The move  

A world is built
Upon a smile 

Every Day
Fun Day 

An Answer For Everything
The 5 Sicilian Answers 

You don't want to know
You don’t need to know
You don’t ask
We’ll keep it in the family
Because that's the way it is 

Wouldn’t You Really Rather
Have Fun  

It is impossible 
To live a life
Without fun 

When you do something
You get to be somebody

To not feel the time
To be at peace
In the pace
Of what I do
Is a good day

The first husband is for
The second husband is for
The third husband is for

Asian women proverb

You put in your stomach what you like 
When you are young
And as you age
It will pay you back for it 

The trauma changes us all

I have some advice for you
It has helped me survive
The trauma and abuse


You need to put something else
In your head
Something to push out
The things you will be thinking

It has to be a conscious effort
even when you feel tired or hopeless

If you don't replace
The things in your head
They will make you suffer

When you realize
They are your enemy
you will forcefully
Throw them out

Words Are Magic
If you know
To use them

Never take a man’s wind from him

The inability to think
Is beyond reason 

You know how people are
They know better than anybody 

Life is a beautiful thing
If you let it be

Advice from those who have none
Is worth its weight in gold

There is a reason for
The things going on in your life 
It is called your mind

Laziness will make you old
Before your time 

The greatest thing you can do
For life
The people around you
Is to develop a sense
Of appreciation 

Life is a unique opportunity
To compete against an opponent
That we cannot defeat

There are those with more time
Than they know what to do with
There are those with more to do
Than they have the time
The trick is to be neither

I believe
In Love
Because of this
I own
The Dream

When you dance
Everything else just becomes
A matter of time

If your life is nothing
Then you make It
In your mind

If you meet a Wizard
You will find yourself again
He will lead you through laughter
You will remember your life

Put a smile on your face
Find someone to brighten their day
A little glow in your eyes
A little cheer in your words
Will deify the worst of days

A secret is a secret
Yet everyone knows
As long as it’s not
Brought up in public

The Pressure May Be On 
The Smooth 
Has Been Applied

A Wizard must not eat
Of any animal
Least he expel
Rigor Mortis Wind
The Wind Of The Dead

Life is not about 
what happened to 
Life is about who 
Let it make

A Wizard must not
The hair on his head
Unless it has unintentionally
Cut by fire

A Wizard must be good at 
Pretending to be happy
When things are sad

Everything about life & relationships
 Business, personal or pleasure
 A negotiation

The thought that avails

When I have lost the thought


I have new purpose now
To meditate on that thought
That I do not have

Until I am restored

When you are young they can’t wait for you to talk
When you are old they can’t wait for you to shut up 

Imagine that all mirrors 
Are all actually Stellar Class cameras
 Then Imagine what your viewers
Have seen

All the things I loved about them
Now belong to me
Are now a part of me 

Accomplishment will get you through 
The Day
Belief will get you through
The Life 

 Time management
Is relevant to mentality 

If having things to do weighs you down
Shouldn’t doing them make you feel better 

Tell people something good
About them 

When your are not using your brain
Anything is possible 

Living in a fantasy
 is necessary 

If we don’t look for the good
We will drown in the bad 

If we didn’t look for the good
We would drown in the bad 

The weak eat for what taste good
Eating what one likes

Eating is a War
To stay alive

When Morons talk
It is best to be quiet
And avoid the conversation

The wisest 
Of men

Works at
Not letting

Those who
Don’t understand

What they do

That can not see
Who they’ve become

Behind the wheel 
Of a veicle
On the 

The Life

The man 

It isn’t that
You have to much to do
What matters is
That you
Make sence
Of it
Bring order
To it
Finding peace
In the pace
Of your life

What good will it be 
When it's done
If you don’t put time into it
And enjoy it 

Whenever I am Overwhelmed
Can’t cope with the complexity
 Of my life, 
I Organize

Whenever there many troubles 
In this life, 
I find great peace
 In simple things 

Complicated Complications
Why do they even exist 
In your mind 

When you have enough
 And you don't think you have enough
 You already have to much

The Difference Between 
Being On Top Of The World,
 Being Beneath The Circumstances, 
Is Owned By A Thought

Your Business Own's You 
 You Own Your Business

Everyone wants to be around you 
When things are going good in your life, 
When you are fun to be around. 
People tend to avoid you 
When things in your life are going bad 
And you pull them down, 
So  why tell them ?

Complicated to a young man is no problem, 
As he ages it becomes reality 

The man spoke to a tree
that he passed for many seasons,
as the man touch a leave,
he smelled its scent;
 "Where have they all gone?"

 "They all will leave you in time "
whispered the branches
 of the tree
 in the wind.

So the man kissed the leave
touched it with his other hand,
felt the life in the tree
running through
 Its branches,
 running through
 every part
of the man,
 reflecting the life
 of the universe.

The man looked up
through the tree
into the stars
in the night sky,
closed his eyes,
he could now see
the lights all of the stars
in his mind,
as the wind rushed
across the limbs
 of the man,
it whispered
into his ears;

"You are never alone" 


Añjali Mudrā
Maharishi Déjà Vu


Photo "God's Seal" 
TAO DAN Meditations
Maharishi Déjà Vu © Sicilian Family Productions