Sunday, February 17, 2013



It Takes Time To Live A Life

The sum of who you are in your time
The moments you control

Or the hours that control you
Is your time

There is a time for all things
For every purpose
You can conceive

In the time
Of your life

Make it the purpose of your life
To make the time of your life
Count for something

Make it a point in your mind
To live each moment of your life

Worth the time

Maharishi Déjà Vu 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

xīn líng

xīn líng

Constantly Occupied
In the Mind

Dignity in Living
Anxiety of Doing

What you have to be doing
What’s needed to be done

To Live

Facing the things
That for some reason

Seem to create
An Anxiety

To face them

To make up a mind
To turn to a side

Of Life
Of You

To a Mind
To Do

Without listening
To the nature
Of things

Laid out
In this world
To distract you

From a Life
That is Freed
In The Mind

Maharishi Déjà Vu 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


{To Understand}

“It is not what you understand but it is what you understand
After you understand it all.”  Maharishi Déjà Vu


To accept the concept

What one makes
In hour
In a day

To be expected to pay

For services
Amounting to
What I take in

In a day
In a week

A month
A year
A life time


The longing to get
It All

A man can’t help but to feel


Will it get passed on
To future generations
That stem from me

A debt

This Disdain

I would sooner trust in God
To Understand

It All

We the children

Of Disdain

We rise up


Shackles placed upon
Who we are

By a society

By Disdain

The Oppression
The Exploitation

By those desiring
To possess

It all

We The People

A New Order Has Begun
Our new generation

Better equipped
To Understand

We learn to control
That which holds us

In Disdain

We will overcome
We are already free

We have the power
To Understand

It All

This Love


I do this for those who love me

I hope you would


Maharishi Déjà Vu