Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Phoenix

{Fèng Huáng}

The Phoenix
(Chol) Job 2918

I had to move
One hundred thousand


So many needles
So much pain

They are like animals
Once they get a chance to take
Once they get a good start in good ground


If a peace falls off
No matter how it falls

It extends root
Into the ground


But I love to see them

As they stand
Up from winters sleep
Along the ground

Rising up in the face of the sun
Blissful in the light of moon
The endless flowers

Though today
I soak in salt
To sooth the wounds
Set upon me

I can delight
Getting lost in the memories
Anticipating another season
In the sun


Ten Thousand tiny needles
Logged within my skin

Though I shaved them down
To my naked body

The Cactuses are now a part of me
And I have become like one of them

Assimilating me into you
Words taking root
Wherever they can

Tiny little needles
Logged into the essence
Of mind

Even if you shave them down
To your naked mentality

The Flowers will come
Endless Flowers

A sea of gold
Rising to meet the sun

In your life
In your love
And in mine

Roots extending



In this love

Añjali Mudrā

Maharishi Déjà Vu

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