Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dao 2

 The Pentitudes II

“Live is {Free To Do}”

“You have to lose who your are
To discover who you are”

“Life is as equally about thinking
As it is about not thinking”

“Influence is not about enticement
But the depth of impression”

Ménage à trois
“There are two types of women
One she loves for money
One she loves for love
Yet neither can be both
To a man”

"The way most people eat it is a wonder they don't drown"

“The imagery of our society is poison in the mind”

As a man I to my mother I said
As a child
Our family
Our home
There was much love
It was a happy home
People were kind
There were so many blessings
But when I went out into the world
On my own I found out that the world
Is not that way it’s not a nice place
She said;
“We tried to make it that way”

“Everything is possible
Nothing is guaranteed”

“Food is a disease
It is a plague”

“Eat as little as you have to
To get by
To live a life
Make the food you eat
Count for the most beneficial
Everything else is just
Wasted life”

“Food is a stimulate
When it becomes work to eat
You know you are eating right”

“We are what we do
We are not what we have”

“Reason just needs a justification"

“Anxiety is not we did yet we don't, do”

“Three things from the heart
Are worth 3 million
From the mouth and mind”

“It is amusing when profit
Blinds the best of men
Into believing
That they will out live
The consequences of their wealth”

“It is a privilege to grow the life”

“Celebrate or Morn Your life”
“This is a question & a statement”

“Doesn't matter what kind of man you think you are
Or what kind of man you think you’d like to be
It really does not matter what kind of man people see you as
What matters is when it is time to act like a man
That you can stand your ground”

“To do is to Live
To be entertained is to exist”

“Young men walk because they love to
Old men walk because they want to continue
To be young.”


Maharishi Déjà Vu

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  1. Believe You Can and You Can

    Anything Is Possible
    You Can Do the Impossible